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Sitting with Jesus!

You know the sinfulness of my heart and
the tapestries of my temptations -
Yet still you with-hold no good.

You know the fires that rage within,
and the allure of my world -
Yet still you give without finding fault.

You cheer when I succeed,
and you lift when I fall -
Always you lovingly remain beside me.

You fully know the depth of my sin,
And the color of my soul -
Yet still you sing over me!

You see the tears of my eyes,
And feel the pain of my depths -
Yet still you do not despise me.

You watch the activities of my hands
And the sleep of my body -
Yet still you are not bored with me.

You witness the blunders of my being,
And the indulgence of my soul -
Yet still you won't cast me adrift.

I am no more worthy of you,
Than dark is of light,
Night is of day or,
Evil is of good.

I am not worthy to belong to you,
but still you invite me to your banquet -
That I may enjoy the richest of your fare.

All I ever want is to simply sit and eat with you.

"Blessed is the man who will eat at the feast in the KIngdom of Heaven." Lk 14:15b