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This Resource is to help us all draw closely to the Lord. The PDF download is listed below in a green link called 'Soul Solitude'.


Jonah knew God's goodness (Jonah 4:2), Jesus felt God's goodness (Luke 5:16) and we can too daily enjoy God's goodness. They knew this through Soul Solitude, the regular joy of withdrawing just to be with God.
In solitude God will speak to me, His living word the Bible 'comes personally alive'.

Moses was transformed by God's presence (Ex 34:29). To be in God's presence is transforming. To change my life I NEED His presence.

Man was made to stop with God. This was the purpose of the sabbath, for man's benefit (Mk 2:27). The greater your time with the Lord (as with Moses) the more visible to others is God's good personal impact.

Only in stillness can I appreciate God's presence. Only in stillness can I get to know God (Ps 46:10). God burns to be in my heart, and have my heart in His hands. It is listening I will receive. It is in stopping I am refreshed. It is in waiting that I am revived.

Please click this link for a free down load outline to refresh, revive and renew you.

Soul Solitude

Jesus wants to supply all our souls, He is far more interested in my attention than my achievements.