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Soul Snack 8/147 ... The Hell or Heaven of


'Boom' thundered across an iron enriched rock platform. Thick spray reached briefly to the white clouds above before descending as quickly as it rose.

The arrival and impact of the next wave as guaranteed as the tide itself. Complete certainty accompanied this infinite and damp ritual.

God has made His creation certain. There are fixed laws of heaven and earth.(Jer 33:25) Laws that can NOT be violated, established by The Father himself.

As sure as light defeats dark are God's promises and God's appointed times. (Dan 11:27,32,35 etc) These are enshrined in His inviolable laws.

His promises I can know, His appointed times I can't. I can know the time of my death no more than I can know the time of my birth.(Ps 139:16)

Jesus is returning, this promise I can know - even delight in!(Mt 25:1-13) His time I can't know. This even Jesus does not know.(Mt 24:36)

There is both divine promise and divine appointment for me.(Acts 17:26-27) The promised appointment I will not be able to delay.(Hebs 9:27) There is no second chance cosmic lottery.

On this day, at this appointment, there will be no health check ups, small talk or weather chats.

Enemies will be fully and finally rejected to the left, friends completely and warmly welcomed in, to the right. This is as certain as the tide, the inescapable appointment with hell or heaven!

Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour. Mt 25:13