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Covered in controversy and shrouded in sin has been the dwelling place of man since Adam and Eve.

Speculations across the corridors of time are delivered as explanation for evil on earth.

Today we look at what God says. Here is why we are engaged in war.

Here God explains what every philosopher from Plato to John Lennon has failed to do. These 6 captivating verses explain the presence of evil on earth.


Question 1

Write out the story of v7-12 in your own words.

Questions 2

How does this story explain that not all people will get to heaven?

Question 3

Why do you think this passage could fit very well between Genesis 2:25 and 3:1?

Question 4

Look at v7, even in heaven satan was able to influence a heavenly revolt against God. How do we still see this same intent today?

Question 5

V9 T or F: Satan has helpers to do his work.
Who are they?
What is their work?

Question 6

a] T or F: The enemy of God in heaven is now the enemy of God's people here on earth? [ What does Jesus say in Luke 10:18?]

b] How does this enemy attack? - see v 10b

c] How can you know when he is attacking you in this manner?

Question 7

Now look at 1 John 4:4. How does this explain that we have a weaker enemy?

Question 8

How else is satan described?
John 8:44
1 Peter 5:8
John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11.
[Look at Acts 5:31] Who rightfully is 'Prince'?

Question 9

In Rev 12:11 is a most powerful tool for defeating satan. What is it? What prevents us from using it?

God gives all His followers the Holy Spirit to live inside them. The best satan can achieve is a second hand rejected spirit that once was an angel, but really is now a demon. This he will send to those who give him a foothold. See Eph 4:27

Question 10

List what God has taught you to-night and thank Him.