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INTRODUCTIONto "War in the World series"

Those who would strive for Jesus, sacrifice for Jesus or who just sit with Jesus, will meet opposition. [cf. Luke 10:38 - 42].

Christians must appreciate their value in the world. God died for us. We are his witnesses to the heavenlies [Ephesians 3:10]. We will sit in judgement over angels [1 Corinthians 6:3], and we will reign as kings in heaven [Rev 22:5]. Nothing else at all in the entire created order can function in God's image. We are of eternal value. That which is most valuable is that which is most desired.

The purpose of creation is worship .Only mankind, of all the created order can offer true independent rational worship. So life in a fallen world simply becomes reduced to who we will worship. All creation wants honour. All created and uncreated order desires worship. Only 1 created being is capable of worship. Only 1 being is worthy of worship/honour. No wonder there is a battle for mankind, for my eternity is identified by who I chose to worship.

Satan still desires my worship as much as God. He is banished to earth [Rev 12] and now makes war on God's servants. Satan desires to hurt God by hurting Christians [a supernatural malice??] and have Christians turn to worship him. Satan is hell-bent on preventing Christian service [worship] and attacks to stop us. Satan wants to claim man, the absolute pinnacle of God's created order. Satan desires mankind's worship, just as God does.

Understand, anyone is at war as soon as they claim Christ.

Rick Joyner (The Vision) explains how there are 3 sequential stages/seasons to conducting a war:

These stages/seasons all parallel seasons in life. All Christians will be in any one [at least] of these stages, all through their life. Each stage must be conducted well, that the next season will be arrived at well and also concluded well.

All through this war understand that:
-you have been attacked
-you are currently being attacked
-you will be attacked .

In these studies we will pursue understanding and fighting the battle.