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Behind the Light

(This was written subsequent to a motorbike accident, when I was hit by an unseen black car. Bikes' headlights are always on while the engine is running. The rider is therefore always behind the light.)

You caught me in your arms,
Your cushions, surrounded me,
I landed in your lap.

The darkness was blind to me,
Black could not see the light,
In a place of well being, darkness and harm arrives.

The attack completed,
No real injuries sustained,
The pain of darkness comes, instantly and deeply,
But it also retreats.

You gather around those who care,
You gather around those gentle with knowledge,
You are swift to act, swift to release.

People of ignorance seek to help,
They seek to restrain the world,
While my brokenness is attended to.

You mend from your throne,
You 'mind' with your grace.
No blindside of darkness can catch you out.

No darkness can or will prevail, against those behind The Light.

"While I am in the world, I am THE LIGHT of the world."  John 9:5