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Keep the Passion

Lord Jesus I remember

When you first came to me

And I began to see.


When I started on the journey

And began to run the race,

Secure in the knowledge

Of your mercy love and grace.



With trembling, I acknowledged

Your majesty divine

You took upon yourself

The sin that was mine


You spared me from the anger

I'd earned and had to face

Now I have peace with God

Through your mercy love and grace.


O keep my passion burning,

Through the love I have for you,

With every waking moment

Help me live my faith anew.


Renew my thoughts each morning,

In my heart reserve a place

So I will be reminded

Of your mercy, love and grace.


O lose my tongue Lord Jesus,

That I may speak your love

To be your sweet aroma

To my father God above.


May those who look upon me,

In this world of time and space

See reflection of my Jesus

In my mercy love and grace. (author -  Bill Taylor)