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I enjoy your messages very much and find them very practical and useful. God Bless. HF (Sept. 19) 

14 Years Old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Soul Supply. God bless you!! Keep 'em coming

Happy 14th Birthday! May the Lord bless you with many more years to come!  I’m a newbie and have really been enjoying getting your Soul Snacks! Thank you!
Happy 14th Birthday! May God bless the thoughts we are tapping from through the Soul supply and the whole ministry. 
Dear SoulSupply Greetings to you from INDIA, thank you so much for all your messages and teachings which are much strengthening me and my wife, also we are sharing them with our Gospel Teams, in our Group Bible Studies and in our Churches and Home Fellowships. Please Continue send them regularly as we are reaching to these interior regions in India and sowing the Word of God among communities who have never heard about our Lord Jesus. (SB, July 19)
Thank you for this message, it was just what I needed today. (WP, July 19, Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide)
I dont let you know enough what a great influence these snacks have on my life. (RC, July 19, A Secret of Wealth)
Thanks SoulSupply. With some challenges I am going through at work, your message spoke to my situations. (MKM, June 19, Reclaiming the Angels)
Greetings to you from INDIA, Thank you so much for your Spiritfilled Teachings every time and I and my wife and I are Studying and Sharing with our Churches and with our Fellowship Pastors and Gospel Teams and with our Churches and Home fellowships and we all are much Strengthening with your Teachings and we Praise GOD for your Connection and may GOD use you more in His Vineyard, Please Pray for me and our Gospel Teams and we are reaching and winning Souls in these interior regions, we have much Idolatry here and People do not know JESUS and we are reaching and Planting the Gospel Seeds in these interior Villages. in JESUS LOVE, (S.B. May 19)
Dear SoulSupply, I feel I need to tell you how much soul snacks mean to me. I read every article you send through and make notes. I lost my beautiful husband 4 yrs ago and have made attempts in my life, but through your writings you get to keep moving as the messages relate and I hold them dearly, I cannot thank you enough for the time you put into it, I am forever grateful. (R. 2019)
This has got to be one of my all time favorites!  Such a beautifully written piece. It's only through Gods mercy and grace that I find the 2nd lot of scriptures comforting and not ones to be fearful of. The love I have for Jesus - well there are no words worthy of describing it, as is the love I also feel from Him. I'm looking forward to celebrating His birth with my beautiful daughter - who also has a relationship with Jesus that I admire so much it reminds me to come to Him as a child. Seeing Him through her eyes is wonderfully amazing. (D.M. 2018 - An Opposite Christmas) 
I love receiving these SoulSnacks, and it's amazing (well, probably not really) how often something you include fits in with what's happening either in my life or at church.  I often share a SoulSnippet on Facebook.  Thank you! (R.D. 2018)
Thanks SoulSupply, I read all the SoulSnacks, and shall share about this at our Wednesday evening prayer meeting at Zimunya UBC. Thank You, I love these articles and may God bless you with wisdom to churn out more. (M.M. Zimbabwe, Hitting Halloween Hard 2018)
Greetings to you, Thank you so much for your Blessed Teaching and I am much Strengthening and Sharing with our Congregations and Gospel Teams in INDIA. Please share more Teachings. (S.B. - Sept 2018)
Wow, how amazing is God's timing?! This message is just what I needed to hear tonight...Thank you for all your messages. I do not always get to reading them every day, but when I do, they are often very helpful, with just the right message at the right time. God bless you! (A.A. - When Relationships Burn 2018)

Look forward each morning to Soul Supply before breakfast. This blessed me this morning in the middle of heartache. God Bless you for an important message. (C.A. - The Empty Tomb 2018)

Greetings from Zimbabwe. This one of those awesome SoulSnacks, again thank you! (MM - Why The Sheep Flee 2018)

Thanks SoulSupply, I get the SoulSnacks in Zimbabwe, and I love reading them. God bless you, (MM- May 2018)

I asked God a question this morning & I just received His answer through your email - that I have just read! So AMAZING!! (D. M. 2018 - 'The Purposes of God's Promises')

Thanks SoulSupply, I really loved this message. I found it comforting 🙏 (D.M. - 2018 'The Unfamiliar Way')

SoulSupply that's a wonderful Soul Snippet to set me off this week. Thank God. (A.B. - 2018 'Easter Plants the New Tree of Life') 

A SoulSnack is so packed with nourishment that one SoulSnack can be chewed on for a good week! (C.W. - 2018)

Thanks for the SoulSnacks! They’re a great periodical supplement to my daily Bible reading! Christian folk today sure need encouraging reminder-boosts like this, so that they/we don’t lose heart! So continue to go for it SoulSupply. (G.J. - 2018)

Bless you SoulSupply, this message came at a time I so desperately needed to hear it.
Many, many thanks 🙏 (D.M. - 2018)

Thank you for the daily communication with revelation. I live for a word from The Lord. May The Lord Jesus continue filling your spirit with his gifts to share. (T.W. - 2018)

Thank you. I enjoy your SoulSnacks immensely and look forward to receiving them this year too xx (F.S. - 2018)

Greetings and Blessings. Thank you for Soul Supply. I send most on. (C.A. - 2017)

I really love getting these each day they are very inspirational and more often than not provoke  quality discussion between me and the Lord. (R.M. - 2017)

Thank you so much for all the lovely “Soul Supply” messages we continually receive. They are greatly appreciated and valued. (V.M. - 2017)

My first go to devotion everyday. This is one I have no problem sharing with my Family and Friends. (R.H. - from FaceBook 2017)

Thank you so much SoulSupply. What a wonderful prayer to start my day, my week... I know that these words are truly inspired to be a blessing to others. Thanks again and thanks to God.(CW - A Full Heart Prays - 2017)

Thanks SoulSupply, Please keep the SoulSnacks coming, we are enjoying them in Zimbabwe.
Bless you! (Mish - LIfe's Most Necessary Measure - 2017)

This is so correct... Having experienced the supernatural al from both sides... I am sooo glad I know the author of the right side and blown away that He trusts me to wield that power as I need to as well. Standing on His promises have seen blind eyes opened, problems solved and obstacles removed.... I can personally testify to this over decades won't convince me otherwise. (A.H. - No Word from God Fails - 2017)

Thanks , that scripture​ is of particular significance to our CHORLEY FOR CHRIST group.It is our declaration for our town. Prince Wodike and his RehobothCentreRccgChorley  state this at their meeting every week. It will encourage him. (CW - No Word from God Fails - 2017)

Very wise (S.Q. - 6 Thoughts @ 60 - 2017)

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the Soul Supply - 6 thoughts I had at 60. I found it tapped into many of the feelings I had at the milestone this year. (WC - 6 Thoughts @ 60 - 2017)

I’m glad you got to Ecclesiastes with this. When I did a Bible study on Ecclesiastes for the women of King of Kings a few years ago, my take away was by showing us we are going to die, the preacher taught us how to live. (CP - 6 Thoughts @ 60. 2017)

Thank you - I needed this! I had a dummy spit just because it rained on my washing! Soul Supply seems to get to the root of what I need often. Keep it coming. (WP - What Anger is! 2017)

Thank you - your words about the lies have guided me in so many ways (JD - The Stone was gone but the Napkin wasn't. 2017)

Thank you for another week of SoulSnacks to make me ponder the state of my being (WP - March 2017)

Thanks SoulSupply! I needed this one... (He Won't Let You Sink - Bel 2017)
SoulSupply - thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!  Every single word spoke clearly to me. I have been going through turmoil for the past week & today is the day I needed a sign & you delivered that to me.
Thankyou again. Much praise xx (Double Deep Tozer - DM 2017)
Thank you so much for today's Soul Supply. It held a mirror up for me and Made me know I am not wholely unacceptable as I struggle along. Works tend to get in the way though I know they are not the way. Once again, thank you and keep the supply rolling. (There Is No Easy Space - WP 2017)

SoulSupply is part of my daily devotions. I find a space to read and reflect - mostly at my desk. The rule is not to open them when there is no God space to ponder and reflect and pray. (SQ - 2016)

Another great snack that spoke to me. (The Drift of Hearts - RC 2016)

Thank you - I love this one! – I love them all, but don’t get to comment too much these days.  Life in the fast lane – BUT – I DO butt my way into time frames of solitude in EVERY day.  I am ADDICTED to solitude unashamedly and refuse to give it up!! (By The Stream of Solitude - D 2016)

Hi - I loved today's SoulSnack. What a beautifully grounding passage Hebrews 11 is. In a world where so many strive for so much it shows how passionate God is about the simple yet wonderful non-consumable relationship, based on faith, we are blessed to have with Him. Thanks for making my day. (The Lost Cord of Early Christians - KF 2016)

Thank you. Choosing life eternal is intimately linked with having a circumcised heart, and this meditation is much more than a snack: heartening bread for our journey Home. (The Pilgrimage of the Heart - WH 2016)

Thank you. I needed this today. (The Rising Sins of Knowledge - SU 2016)

This is indeed a keeper. Very very comforting strengthening encouraging reassuring Thanks so much xx (Simpson's NEW Secret - VW 2016)

It’s the real ‘me’.  And probably the real ‘us’ for many others too. I bonded with it immediately and shared it with two friends. And will take a copy to our bible study next Monday. (Confessions of a Struggling Soul - VM 2016)

I just wanted you to know how timely today's Soul Snack was for me and how uplifting. After watching the movie "War Room" recently I have been working on my prayer strategy and facing some of the issues you mentioned. Once again God giving me what I need when I need it, this time through you (The 3 Movements of Prayer ~ A.- CP 2016)

good job. great thoughts. great analogy (Love is Safe - SQ 2016)

Very good articles; I think every Pastor should read. (from Twtter - OH, 2016)

Thank you, very good tips for the New Year. (3 Ways to Open the New Year Well - DE 2016)

GOOD ONE (Chasing Life's 3 Most Expensive Items - BF 2015)

This brought me to tears. The power of prayer, wow. The Lord shows so much mercy and grace on this wretched sinner. I am blessed. Thank you for your constant amazing messages. (Mother Teresa Prays With Washington Lawyers - DK 2015)

Thank you for your Prayer of Faith SoulSnack today - it was definitely what I needed to hear. (KL 2015)

What an extra awesome soul snack this morning - Thanks again for your daily emails. They are awesome. (MY Sorrow - PC 2015)

I love this one, so true. (The Purity of Solitude - RH 2015)

Thanks, SoulSupply!  Good thoughts for this new week! (The In-Between of Bikes & Faith - SD 2015)

Amen. Great snack! (The In-Between of Bikes & Faith - BF 2015)

I missed this Soul Snack somehow.(You Must Stand Firm) Found it today as I rummaged through my emails. I have food for thought as I work in the garden thanking the Lord for a beautiful day. Keep sending the snacks as I said previously they are better than Tim Tams (WP 2015)

I wanted to tell you that I really love your FaceBook page... it is so full of the Lord... may it always remain pure... it is the main place I go to on FB now when I want to hear HIM instead of THEM... smile (LM from facebook 2015)

Greatly encouraging – and I’m saving this and will add all five for personal Quiet Times!  Thanks SO much! (5 Dawn Prayers - Day 1 ~ KINDLING 2015)

That's why I prefer the hymn book to the chorus book - Soul Snacks are better than timtams!!! (Why bother with the Bible? 2015)

So so true!!! Love it. (RH "The Idol of Theology" 2015)

I had to smile! – name-droppers…hmmmm! In my younger years I delighted in telling friends that when I worked as a Nanny in England, Cliff Richards lived down the road and sometimes came to “our house” – and he was interested in this Kiwi Nanny and liked to ask about NZ, etc!  Hmmmm! So grateful those days are past history, and now my “claim to fame” is the Lord Jesus Himself! (SD "The World's Most Aggravating Habit? 2015)

Love it breathing life into dry old chains are gone I have been set free.....AMAZING grace!!  (SS 216/14 K)

Good one, thanks. It reminds me that there is a “vision-aborting spirit” at work, fighting against Christians keeping focussed, powerfully envisioned lives. (SS 176/14 SD)

Love it! Such great timing for me!!!! (SS 174/14 NM)

So true. Very wise. S (SS 164/14)

Congratulations SoulSupply and thanks be to God! (9th Birthday Celebrations AA)

I have been blessed by Soul Snacks as have friends I have introduced to this daily word from God. (9th Birthday Celebrations PS)

Super (SS 139/14 JN)

This soul snack has been a great turning point for me. Thank you and thank you to the Lord for your gift. As a new born again  Christian seeking knowledge and learning was where I was focusing, instead of the most important thing the heart ‘LOVE’ and loving the Lord first and just waiting for him to change me and guide me. (SS 123/14 HM)

... this is an outstanding work (SS 12/14)  well done. MM

Many thanks for your wonderful Soul Supply, I have appreciated so much your daily insights and encouragement. I have had a tough year health wise and Soul Supply has often been a wonderful source of encouragement and has helped me understand many Biblical truths at just the right time, God's timing is always so wonderful! Not sure what I would have done without Soul Supply - thanks a million. JL

Huge fan of Soul Supply! Keep rocking the Kingdom. KH - FaceBook

Thankful for all you do on this journey of faith online. Your tweets kept me company here last week, friends. Thank u! via Twitter. FB

My karate group is having a halloween seminar, I should attend as I'm an instructor. I've had conflicting emotions. I've now decided, after reading SoulSupply's halloween notes, to go as something like an angel of light, my daughter will dress up but in something not linked with halloween. This way I can still support my karate group but show I dont support the theme in a non threatening way. LC

...always read your tweets! And love how much you champion God throughout the day, I'll be sure to read your soulsnacks as well! GE

It was a good message for me, I enjoy reading the SoulSnacks. NB

I just wanted to say thank you. Each day I read my Soul Snack I am uplifted. KF

Great thoughts (193/13) ... One of my favourite (and sometimes least practised) verses is "be still and know that I am God". Soul supply is one mechanism to force this spiritual necessity. Deep thanks. S

This is another SoulSnack (187/13) that I have now printed out to keep as a good reminder about prayer.  I love the reference to “conduit”, “fodder”, “axe”, “saw”, “antidote”, “mirror”, “scalpel” – extremely helpful tools for prayer!

This one is excellent (177/13) and I’m printing it out to keep it as a reminder. God bless you! - SD

Just want to say a BIG thankyou for the amazing ministry that is Soul Supply. I've been blessed with the daily SoulSnacks for just over a year now and it's been a wonderful start to my mornings. I do customer service for work and it often gets very stressful and so the Word of God and these Soul Snacks have truly been my source of strength and joy more times than I could count! Also a HUGE thank You for today's Soul Snack "Of Governments and Regrets". As we head to the election booths tomorrow I pray may our hearts as a nation be on God and his wonderful promise!Thank you again for this ministry and God Bless you and your families! - CH

Thanks for these words – very encouraging. ~ "In what may appear to be some form of twisted thinking, rejoice in the relentless fight with sin as this authenticates the path you travel." RC

Just a little shout out to say I appreciate your daily "soul snacks" and I LOVE ME SOME SOUL SUPPLY!!! ;-) God bless ya'll BIG!!

Thanks for this SoulSnack, I was going through temptations and this helped me stand up and fight -anon

Thanks so much for this continual support. I have just scrolled through many back Soul Snacks and still find nuggets that I missed before. WP

... what an inspiration they (Soul Snacks) are to us all (Connect group) ... Keep your wonderful words of wisdom coming.

Everytime I need a positive word, thought or a gentle nudge in the right direction, God always provides, I have never been let down by him, your website is a fabulous reminder of how great and glorious our Lord is. KP

Just letting you know that I found todays Soul Snack (Soul Stampede) had me thinking about Jesus in a way I never have before.J

Thankyou so much for your soul snacks! They are a reminder to me of so much that God is doing for me. CS

Another brilliant Soul Snack.(S9/19) SM

A note to thank you for the Soul Snacks, they are a fine inspiration. RK

Really enjoyed this soul snack(8/214) . S

Thanks, these are really good. Appreciate the Soul Supply ministry SL

... your daily email is my constant compass to God. CB

Again thank you for your inspiring thoughts (SS161)R

Enjoyed today's soul snack and do agree.(SS 8/160) RH

Well that was so needed today (SS 8/160) K

Thanks for this reminder in your Soul Snack 8/159 this morning. When others hurt us our reaction is to hurt back. But I love the words of Peter in 1, 3:8-12 where he tells us to bless and not curse. Easy to say, hard to do. Only thru God's Holy Spirit are we able. AP

The daily snacks continue to be a great source of encouragement and time to meditate on God's word. Thank you. RC

Thank you so much for the great gift of week-day soul snacks, they truly show a loving heart for Jesus and a great love for His truth! They always challenge me to think deeper about the true compassion and care that is at the heart of God and are a great way to praise Him! Your soul snacks help me keep going! They help me to think, reflect and repent and continue to strive to give everything to Jesus...LH

I've just spent a few minutes looking at the website. There's such a gentle, encouraging but strong feel about it. M & J

.. I got a lot out of your soul snack (8/153).....thank you for sharing God's word. CJ

Very moving ... Did the soul good, this one(SS 8/141)! SR

Hi, Thanks for all of the great encouragement I receive from you via my great friend Colleen in the way of Soul Supply. Keep on pumping them out, they are a great source of many things to me from challenging to uplifting. God bless JF

We can't express to how important Soul Snacks are for us . It is daily food is to us, it is both challenging and uplifting and relevant to our daily lives. JFC & LG

Loved it. (SS 8/101) SQ

I found today's (SS 8/85) Soul Snack so uplifting...thank you for the effort you give...may God continue to bless this ministry...I am still sending it to England, Hungary and USA ... D

Thank you for your encouragement...The Soul Snack today (8/77) uplifted me. DJ

Your thoughts about the special commissions entrusted to the vanguard, going ahead of Jesus, are just excellent!! SD (SS 8/71)

Thank you for SOUL SUPPLY .... great stuff, very encouraging. Keep up the good work. MF

Great message! AP (SS 8/53)

That was a good one (SS 8/51)...thanks! JL

More good reading and thoughts, thanks JB

Well done. Another one that jumps out. C

Good one! (SS 8/10) SQ

Thank you so much for the Soul Supply on Depression. It is truly excellent - and I love the poem linked to it, too. Very, very solid, sound teaching and thought-provoking message there. Yes, the battlefield of the mind is Satan's target - but with our God we shall regain the losses and violations and robberies. JESUS IS VICTOR! Thanks again for soul snack (124) ... I am sending it on to a brother in Hungary as I don't know if he is on your list as yet. your part about contentment has me really thinking. I've never thought in terms of spiritual content as being blind. D

This (SS 124) had real impact for me (in a very short time!). NN

Many thanks for the time and inspiration of Soul Snacks. Be encouraged - they are soooo often, just exactly meant for me personally, and I am sure many others have the same Holy-Spirit-experience! Praise Him! Thanks, this one (Soul Sense) really was sent at the right time. WP

This is great material (Soul Sense).MK

Thanks again for Soul Snacks - they are a constant encouragement to me and a source
to equip me to live my life Christ centered.

A must each morning is a cup of tea and a few minutes with soul snacks at 9.30. RC

I/We learn so much from your soul snacks...God bless.....the Jeffcotts

Really appreciate the Soul Snacks. Just this little 'snack' each
morning is great to help me keep things in perspective. Thanks heaps! MB

Thank you so much. This is a special blessing - "The invited will be
restored" - that speaks volumes, and is so true. All of us - in Jesus' eyes
- are the invited. All of us have the choice. To accept leads to
restoration, renewal, a new beginning, the truth revealed. To reject blocks
restoration. I love your simplicity in this series on "Breakfast with
Jesus". - Very very deep and meaningful, and excellently simple. Sister D

Thank you for your ministry ... its so easy to start the day in a rush quite thoughtlessly... T & C

Enjoyed today's soul snack, yes it is very difficult to hear God's still small voice
when we hurry around in the din of life, we need to stop, be quiet and listen. Great
stuff. RH

Thank you for this website. Its such an encouragement. I read your definition of depression and it is right on. JSF

Many thanks for the time and inspiration of Soul Snacks. Be encouraged - they are soooo often, just exactly meant for me personally, and I am sure many others have the same Holy-Spirit-experience! Praise Him! SD

Thanks for SS 114, as always, it is an inspiration. CH

How wonderful to read all the encouraging words from viewers. Your Soul Snacks have been going to my sister in America and I guarantee she will be forwarding them also. I pray you can still keep them coming, spreading the message to us regulars and beyond. Thanks heaps. SM

I have been just looking at the website & I wanted to say THANK YOU it is an inspiration to me. Sometimes it is good other times it leaps out at me, today it leaped. ...Col

I just wanted to thank you for continuing to forward Soul Snacks. I find them encouraging, uplifting and affirming ... ML

Enjoyed your site very much! ... DW

Hello, just a quick message to let you know we are enjoying being challenged with your soul snacksC & T

Thanks for this Soul Snack. A helpful word for today which I may share with the staff if you don¹t mind sometime this week or next. SD

I really liked this Soul Snack, I forwarded it to several people.. Thanks for these soul snacks they are a blessing JB

keep on with the great thought provoking soul snacks god bless. CJ

SS106 Absolute Corker!!!!!! SQ

Thanks for your thoughts. BF

Thankyou so much for sending your emails. I am so grateful. I heard you preach at St Pauls ... and was so renewed with hope and encouragement. I have sent your emails onto friends who are sending them onto other friends - people they know who need to hear from God. My home church is in crisis at this time and I have taken great comfort from all that is contained on your website. Thankyou so much. CS

Thank you for keeping me in touch with your Soul Snacks. I very much appreciate receiving them. Shirley

Well done ... - a good snack this week! MK

How encouraging. Thanks, SB

.... Bless you heaps, it is good to have encouragement and support, well done and please keep going on, stand strong, we have God on our side JB