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Joshua 6/2 Chron. 20:1-30

(Praise leads to victory)

I am victor over my enemy when he can't prevent me from doing what I would do. Victory releases freedom. Defeat releases control.

Eternal importance is attached to freedom of worship. The 1st step in defeating the evil one is doing that which will cause him to flee. [If he's fled, then there is no ensuing battle.]



Read Joshua 6:1-27
a] Why is this a curious victory?

b] What do you think is the place of the 'music' in this battle?

c] Why does victory come after:
•7 encirclements and
•Trumpet blasts and shouting

d] T or F: - v2 - v4 indicate a people at worship

What conclusions could you draw now about victory at Jericho?


Read 2 Chronicles 20:1-30
[Another rollicking yarn of a curiously won battle]

a] Discuss v1 - v12 - "Big problems require big co-operation, big prayer and big humility."

b] Discuss - God's spirit is able to move when there is unity. [v13 , v14]

c] True or False - God is Attracted to unity.

d] Discuss - Disunity gives satan authority in your midst. [cf. John 17:23]

e] How is the battle engaged? v21, v22

f] Discuss - Jehoshaphat has engaged spiritual tools to win a physical battle

Reflect: What hindrances do you find to spiritual growth?

g] What is the 1st step in warfare?
What is the 2nd step in warfare? v14
What is the 3rd step in warfare? v18

h] Do you see similarities between Jericho's defeat and Jehoshaphat's victory?

Reflect: How could you 'attack' these hindrances to spiritual growth?

Please keep looking at 1 Kings 18 and 19 asking God to speak to you.