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(Faith leads to victory)

The conviction of correct belief is a major incentive for foray into a battle. A call from God only increases the imperative, and multiplies the incentive.

This ubiquitous story of good verses evil really is spiritual warfare at the coalface. The entire supernatural kingdom of evil is held silent, indeed mocked by one man of a most active faith.

Read 1 Kings 18


Question 1

a) Discuss- Battles are fought through the actions of faith.

b) What difficult task is Elijah called to do v1 ?

Question 2

Read v3-15
a) Is this true?
Expect even Godly opposition to steps of faith.
b) T or F:
v15 is determination to do God's will despite all difficulties.

Question 3

Look at v16, 17
Discuss: those who live under God's rule/instruction are not necessarily popular.
When have you found this to be true?

Question 4

a) How is this thought reflected in v19?
"With God on your side you are a majority."

b) Discuss: "In circumstances of faith Elijah is not backward in coming forward."

Question 5

a) In v28 this battle is fought fruitlessly by violence. How does this compare to Elijah's method in fighting for God?

b) v38, 39 - what place does violence play in Elijah's victory? (N.B. It is far more usual to win a war by violence.)

Question 6

What place do you think faith played in this victory? What battles have you entered into by faith?

T or F: Living by faith is stepping into the unseen.

Question 7

Elijah has no guarantees, no army, no plan.
Elijah's life was under great threat.
Elijah believed he was without friends.
Elijah was victorious by taking steps of faith, guided by God.

I humble myself before you. Please strengthen my faith. I wish to hear from you and be victorious too in the battles I fight for you. Amen.