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The Battle After the Battle 1 Kings 19

(Victory does not guarantee ease)

Elijah has arguably achieved the most supernatural victory of all time. Yet this tested man of faith would still receive torture to his soul. Travail would still assault Elijah. Winners aren't always grinners. Victory may not always guarantee relief. A cosmic malevolence will still seek vengeance; revenge being the goal and people being the tools.

Elijah in escaping this malevolence, is now in the wilderness. He is in a perfect place to go deep with God.


Question 1

Describe Elijah's state in v3-8. Why is he like this?
Discuss: Great distress can come after great service.
When have you known this?

Question 2

Remember there are 3 Seasons in life. Camping, Marching and Fighting.
What season is Elijah now in?
What is the purpose of this season?

Question 3

J.C. Ryle [and J.O. Fraser] said 'a man is immortal until his work for God is done.'
Discuss in the light of Elijah.

Question 4

How do these verses show that God knows His warriors needs?