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A defeated enemy can not hinder my intentions and desires.  An active enemy can continue to 'run block'.  When I desire to worship/serve and am continually thwarted I am being robbed. 

Life is worship. Life is about who I serve. We are all looking for something/somone to worship.


Question 1

a]  Why does God want to free His people?   Exodus 5:1, 3, 17; 7:16
b]  Look at Exodus 18:9-12.  What can now happen?  Why?

Question 2


a]  There is war for my worship
b]  Life is about who you serve

Question 3

How am I not free to worship?

Question 4

Read John 4:21-26

T or F:  God seeks those who will engage Him in His way

Question 5

What does v21 tell me about where to worship?

Question 6

a] What does v22 tell me about knowledgeable worship?

b] T or F:  Neither Jews nor Samaritans had worship correct but the Jews did know better.

Question 7


a] God's very nature determines how I worship Him.  v24

b] T or F:  There is nothing material in God's nature therefore to worship a material god is idolatry

Question 8


a] If my worship is in spirit I am then unable to worship in the flesh. Do you agree?

Question 9

a] T or F:  To worship in the Spirit is both internal and intentional. 

b] T or F:  The venue of worship is as irrelevant as worship is infinite.

Question 10

Discuss : "worship" from Romans 12:1

Over the next few weeks we will look at war and worship from 1 Kings 18 and 19 and 2 Chronicles 20. Please ask the Lord to speak to you in preparation for these studies from these passages.