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2 Chron 20:1-30/ Num.16

(Unity leads to victory)

In the spiritual war that is our journey to heaven, the evil one will use deceit to trap us.

50 years ago a generation was born in and into rebellion. The assertion of personal rights, the criticism of God ordained government and the loss of submission indicate this. Satan has deceived us that such behavior is legitimate and correct. Now, we even take pride in finding fault.


Question 1

In North America a 1000kg bison can be attacked and killed by 40kg wolves. How do you think this may happen?

Question 2

Re-read 2 Chronicles 20:1-30. Remember this battle was won by worship [cf. vv21-23]

a] There was another element to this victory. What is it? Look at v4 and v13.

b] Why is the Holy Spirit released in v14?

c] T or F: God is attracted to unity.

Question 3

Look at John 17:23

a] What is the context of John 17?

b] What does Jesus pray for His followers in v23?

c] How does the context make this prayer, so much more pertinent?

d] Why do you think Jesus wants this for His followers.

Question 4

a] How is dis-unity expressed in a Christian's life?

b] How is there protection in unity?

Question 5

a] Discuss:
Theological accuracy is more important to Jesus than unity.
[Could Ephesians 4:2-3 help this discussion?]

b] Discuss:
Dis-unity is expressed by rebellion.

c] What are indicators of a rebellious attitude?

Question 6

Read Numbers Chapter 16.

a] T or F: This is a purple passage of disunity.

b] How does God treat this dis-unity? Rebellion?

c] Why would satan want dis-unity?


Wolves are victorious when a bison is isolated from the herd. In the herd they will all protect each other. Alone, there are few defenses available to a bison from a marauding pack. When we leave churches, maintain unconfessed spirits of rebellion or continue to grumble against God's appointed leaders we are spiritually vulnerable.

Dis-unity removes us from 'the safety of the Lord'. Alone, we will grow weary and become an easy target.

How is Hebrews 10:24-25 protection?

My victory is achieved when I maintain unity.

Question 7

What attitudes do you need to confess to-day?