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John 4:19-26

A gun loaded correctly will always defeat an opponent with an incorrectly loaded gun. Having Christ correct and understanding my enemy, I am now equipped for victory. Now I am able to live in victory and engage in God's presence as He would have me. In this passage Jesus is chatting deeply with a lady who would be despised by her peers. In a marvellous piece of gentle teaching, Jesus draws this yielded woman from worship of herself to worship of Him. Victory is available to the woman at the well.

READ JOHN 4:19-26

1. a] T or F - Life is simply about who I worship.

b] T or F - There are no civilians in worship.

Discuss: Everybody will worship something.

2. In v.21-23 Jesus gives 3 pieces of information

about worship. What are they?



________________________v.23 & 24

3 Discuss: God seeks people who will seek Him.

Discuss: God is not interested in ritual.

How does 2 Chronicles 16:9 help?

4. How does v.24 demonstrate this:

"To worship a material god is idolatry"?

5. T or F - There is no true worship without the truth!

Why/why not?

6. How does Romans 8:16 help with understanding the spiritual aspect of worship?

7. What limits therefore, are there to worship? John 3:34

8. Discuss:

True spiritual worship can not be conducted in the flesh.

How do Romans 12:1 and 2 Samuel 6:16 help?

9.a] How is worship the sign of victory over our enemy?

b] How is true worship freedom?

10. What things still prevent you from worship?

Are these indicators of spiritual assault?

11. Discuss:

Now there is no limit to worship, it is internal and intentional. It is truly above place, gender and creed.


Worship now has the "everyone/everywhere" factor. Why/why not?

T or F Worship = Winning

12. How can I recognise when I am 'living out victory' in my life?