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Matthew 16:13-28

Some years ago four suggested laws of winning in life circulated the tabloids.

They are:

1) Date or mate someone famous,

2) Be the worst dressed, but best noticed,

3) Create a scandal and

4) Gate crash red-carpet events.

These shallow carnal reflections on winning are lived out daily, across the world. Peter had been given a far superior method to win. He had the 'keys of the kingdom of heaven'. [v.19]. His war would be won, it would not be overcome. [v.18]

Read Matt 16:13 - 28

1. V16. Peter finally gets Christ Correct. How is there great reward in getting Christ correct? [ v.17-19]

2. a] What is the path to correctness? How did Peter get Jesus right?

b] What help do I need to win in life, as Peter did in v.16 ?

c] How could that help be accessed and received?

3. Discuss - 'Keys' in v.10 really are about authority and power

Discuss - To have the 'keys' means moving under Jesus' power

Discuss - Hell can not be too strong against Peter!

What does this mean for us? What does this mean in your current circumstances?

4. Do you agree? Being correct about Christ means I am able to reject the usual [previous] limitations. How does Philippians 4:13 help?

5. Explain verse 19 in you own words. Is it about reaping and sowing? [Matthew 18:18-19]

6. Look at v.21. Why would Jesus reflect on suffering after the discussion in v.17-19 ?

7. v 21-23 reveal the real problem in life's battles.What is it?

8. How do you think v.24-27 are 'the keys of the kingdom of heaven'?

9.Discuss : Overcoming proves superiority, and renders the opposition as inferior.

Discuss: That which holds sway over me is actually inferior to me. (see also 1 John 4:4)

Conclusion: "If my people would seek me [i.e. use their time for me] during times of prosperity I would trust them with ever more of the true wealth of my kingdom"

With God's authority there is no reason to back down, and accept previous limitations. Hell can't overcome that which comes from God. The pain of overcoming is lost in the pleasure of success. Over-comers do not waste time. First I must overcome my time if I am to serve Jesus fully.