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Matthew 16:13-28

In confronting life's problems they are best handled with spiritual weapons, (see Ephesians 6:10-18.) This gives us a spiritual source for problems (v12).All people wish to defeat and remove the travail that continues on their souls. God has shown us so clearly from His Word His strategies:

Read Matt 16:13-28

1.a] Which season in the Christian life are you in now? Camping, marching or fighting ?

b] How do you know?

Discuss - Each season in life must be conducted well, that the next season is arrived at well

c] How is the above quote important for 'overcoming' in life?

2.T or F - I overcome when my problems do not lead me into sinful reactions.

3. Discuss: v.18. Jesus has released the power of heaven to be at my disposal.

4.a] Discuss:I now have the support of heaven for the activity I would seek to do on earth.

b] Discuss: Heaven wants my actions, supports my actions, seek my actions and will honour that which I undertake in the battle. [How does 2 Thessalonians 1:11b help?]

c] Discuss: Our conduct arrives ahead of usto heaven

5. Look at v.16-17. Peter had the approval of Jesus. Peter had been blessed from heaven

Discuss - Heavenly blessings should be no source of pride. [How does v.22-24 demonstrate this?]

6. Read v.24-27. What victory do I need now to receive the rewards of v.27?

7. Flight or Fight is the decision of all Christians, all the time, in all circumstances. Please list that which you have learned about conducting your life's battle, that you may win now and forever.

8 Discuss: It is always too soon to quit.

Thank God.