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Matthew 16:13-20

Consistent error will at the least lead to frustration.To be consistently incorrect is to reap [with equal consistency] the failure that can only result. Victory will always elude those who keep fighting with the wrong weapons. Of primary importance is understanding our General, who He is and how He works. His ways will then become my ways. I will always be correct. Victory will be achieved.

1.a] Read Matthew 16:1-12T or F - A passage about misunderstanding Jesus.

b] Read Matthew 16:26-28T or F - A passage where Jesus is keen for His disciples to understand Him.

2.Discuss - Understanding Jesus is really a spiritual activity.

3. Read Matthew 16:13-20 Discuss - People's opinions of Jesus are important to Him.

Discuss - Jesus wants me to get Him correct not for His blessing but for my benefit! How is your answer shown in this passage.

4.a] T or F - Look at v.14. Common opinions will always be incorrect about Jesus.

b] Why is Peter correct? Look at v.17.

c] How is being correct evidence of the Father's favour?

5.a] Discuss - I have no ability to ever get me correct without Jesus.

b] How does the above statement [5a] impact our witnessing?

6.a] How does having Jesus correct now help in the battles of life?

b] T or F - Having Jesus correct must change the limits to my thinking. Does Philippians 4:13 help here?

7. Peter who was correct in v.16, now receives Christ's commission in v.18. Is there a commission without correctness?

8.a] How is v.19 a promise of victory in His commission to Peter?

b] Discuss - When I get Christ correct, He will always give me the tools to fulfill His commission.

9. Is this equation below accurate? Why/why not?

Correctness in Jesus = Correctness of life = Victory assured.

Discuss: There is benefit for all when I get Christ correct. I can even fall, Christ will restore me and call me again.

Discuss: Victory is all about keeping Christ correct in my life.