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Psalm 116

Rest is the desire of all people. To find rest is to find freedom from enemies. The enemy neither wishes me to know freedom nor rest. The enemy wants me in bondage to him, which is eternal distress. He wants to separate the creation from the creator.

Read through Psalm 116

1.a] What evidence is there of distress in the

psalmist's life?

b] Plot on a distress scale of 1-10 where you think

the psalmist is. 1 being at peace and 10 being at the

point of death.

2.a] T or F - There is hope in this Psalm

because the psalmist believes good about God

b] Discuss - satan does not want me to understand

and see how God has worked good in my life. Why?

c] When have you believed ill of God?

d] Is verse 7 a step of faith or a step of sight?

3. Look at v.10 and 11 - do you think there maybe

deception from satan behind these? Why/why not?

4.a] Discuss - The enemy wants to destroy all

our relationships. He achieves this when we

start believing bad of each other!

b] T or F - The enemy's focus is on problems in

relationships, not the pleasure in relationships.

How have you known this?

c] How does ill thinking rob us of relationships?

5. What is the psalmist's antidote to thinking

bad of God and others? v.1, 2, 4-8 etc.

6. Look at John 1:16

a] Discuss - God has not 'shortchanged' His


b] Look at John 10:10. Who has 'shortchanged'

God's followers?

c] How can I know when I have been 'robbed'?

7. Look at Ephesians 2:4

a] Discuss - God gives out of His abundance

that which no one else can give.

b] List times when you have known this....

8. Look at vv 12-14 - How can I repay God for His

goodness to me?

9.a] Discuss - I defeat the enemy when I believe

good about God.

b] What items of repentance do you need now

to bring to God?

10. What have you learned about spiritual warfare,

that will help you win?