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Psalm 55

There continues to be throughout life, the imperative to also consider life's troubles as warfare. Consistent troubles can be clear indicators of consistent attack. Remember Rev 12, there is an enemy bent on destroying the people of God. [see v.10-20]

Read through Psalm 55

1. Look at vv 1-14. Describe how David is feeling?

2. a) In v 11 David sees an active enemy. How does he describe this enemy?

b) What has been this enemy's activity in vv 1-14? What has the enemy done to David?

3. Discuss - I must see the enemy if I am to defeat him.

Discuss - I must learn how to read my life circumstances correctly.

4. a) How does David meet the attack? See v 16 & v 22

b) How does Jesus explain this in Mt 11:28-30?

5. a) Discuss - God dependence is the only path to victory. Why?

b) How is this illustrated in v 9?

c) Look at Isaiah 40:31 in an Revised Sandard Version, is there help here for life's battles? What is the help?

6. T or F - My enemy can be close and deceitful. Look at vv 12-14, 20-21. Discuss.

7.a) How does v 19 show that David's security is in God?

b) Discuss - my security is not in past spiritual experiences or services rendered.

8. T or F - Look at v 23 - God almost always wins!

9. How does the final line of the Psalm relate to Isaiah 2:22;Ps 108:12; Ps 118:8,9 and Ps 146?

10. a) Discuss - I must allow God to do the fighting for me!

b) How can I do this?

11. a) Has God brought you to a point of humility? If so, how?

b) Discuss - I cannot be victorious against the enemy on my own, or in my own strength.

c) How can I access God's strength that I may win?