10 Fibers of Faith since 2010

Ending a decade and beginning a new one offers a brief opportunity to reflect upon a spiritual crop sown.

This crop SoulSupply planted over the last decade (largely through its SoulSnacks) has now spread across much of the earth. ##

This is no mere sentimentality, but rather a gathering of the fibers of faith. It is a recall for each of us of some ten short notes the Lord has taught us. One for each year.

How many of these original SoulSupply quotes could you need, maybe today or tomorrow? Do you remember many of them, maybe even learned some?

  1. The impossible is available to those who rely on the Eternal.
  2. The giant in front of you is not greater than the God behind you.
  3. Humility is becoming what you have despised and realising that you were wrong.
  4. The Man of Sorrows died for the men of sorrow.
  5. Believers refuse to trade on yesterday's sweet manna.
  6. Anger is an attempt to control another without controlling yourself.
  7. Church is not for the shepherd, but for the sheep.
  8. Jesus' new wine of true worship replaces ceremony with celebration.
  9. If your church shows you law while your heart screams for love, you are in a court not a church.
  10. He who would do much for the Lord must first dwell long with the Lord.

& 1 bonus quote:

The pedestal of love is righteousness.

Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God (1 Chronicles 22:19a)

##SoulSupply was birthed in July 2005. Across the past ten years alone it has produced over 2500 SoulSnacks and been read in around 30 countries. Most of the SoulSnacks from July 2005 are still available online.

Today's Soul Snippet:

What informs us - forms us!

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