10 Maidens

Life is an exhaustingly permanent tussle with others, but more so, self. 

Life contains eternal riches to be tasted and even received upon earth. But, these are assaulted continually by:

  • the desires of the heart,
  • the lusts of the eyes,
  • the weakness of the flesh,
  • the covetousness of the soul, and the strongest of all -
  • the pride of each human's spirit.

The wrestle is wearisome and relief seems too far off. It is only death or Jesus' return which lingers at an unseen distance to offer release from these personal wars. So, I simply fall asleep - on the job

All the above have conspired against my willingness to fuel the Lord's light within. Such lethargy can cost me forever.

Jesus recounts the parable of five maidens who fell asleep on the job while seeking the master. They carried no spare fuel their lamps. Five other far smarter young women also dropped into slumber land with spare oil for their lamps. Their job was simple - be alight for the master's return. (Read the Parable of the 10 Virgins) Their master arrived.

The five foolish maidens reasoned, there are others nearby who have fuel but selfishly they keep it. How could they refuse to share, what an effrontery?

Wisdom rattles my soul and fights its desires, for it screams to me and the five lazy maidens:

don't choose today that which will cost me my tomorrow.

When the master reappeared five were ready, five not. Five had fuelled their lamps, five had slept in neglect. It is not difficult to fuel a lamp. 

Jesus knew the human condition perfectly, for to this day:

the spirit is still willing but the flesh is still weak. (Matthew 26:41)

I fear our workplace, our churches, our families, our hobbies or even our lethargy all collide in perfect spiritual storms. They expend the fuel from our lamps, and then refuse us permission to refuel.

The lamp is fully fuelled, and spare oil stock-piled when devotion is first, for then I have become lost to the favors of all the earth. 

Father I would seek to be lost to the favours of this earth, desiring only a heart of purity. Please examine my heart and reveal its cherished sins to me. Then may I walk in your blessing with my lamp well lit. AMEN

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Humility prepares the soul to the tenacious grasping of Christ.'

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