10 TRINKETS from SoulSupply

Soul Snack 108/14 ... SoulSupply was born into a world (and even a church sadly) that knew no innocence, was capable of complete self-destruction and existed for its own desires. All life's big ticket items had been foolishly exchanged for small ones. Notably love had been replaced by lust, selflessness had died to selfishness, and peace had been swapped for possessions. In the ensuing decade since SoulSupply's first breaths were drawn these false values have careened through the world, and also Christ's body.

Many have too trekked the terrible path of sadness, failure, brutality and rejection whether Christians or not, whether church-goers or non-attenders. These are the lives of the lost, the least, the last and the lonely.

SoulSupply (and MyParable) has spoken daily into over thirty nations for such broken, but eternally treasured souls - below are a few of the trinkets:

  1. Grace is being able to write a eulogy to your own self-importance.
  2. Jesus' tomb is empty so you don't have to be.
  3. Jesus chose to lose His life rather than lose you.
  4. Sin is never conducted in a vacuum.
  5. Love is looking into another's eyes and seeing their heart.
  6. Love can no more be contained than water can be compressed.
  7. Theology has become the arbiter of truth when it cannot be the guarantor of truth.
  8. Humility is becoming what you have despised and realising that you were wrong.
  9. Jesus' new wine is to replace ceremony with celebration.
  10. The impossible is available to those who rely on the eternal. (This is both SoulSupply's first quote and its call to action.)

...those who hope in the Lord will not be disappointed. (Isaiah 49:23d)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Better to be after God's heart than God's throne." ~ Warren Hicks

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