11 Favorite Bible Phrases

Soul Snack 209/14 ... So the Bible is now yesterday's treatise to moral errors, and the dust it gathers can never be too much?

It (the Bible) carries a ferocious and singular moral vision that has become unacceptable in most of the liberal, modern world. ~ Adam Nicholson#

The Bible is an antiquated tome clothed by obsolescence in a new and liberated world.

It is worthy of no more worldly presence than a tombstone in the Smithsonian. BUT...

Far more have not read the Bible than have, and still judged its contents with culpable ignorance.

Far more refuse it than accept it, yet the Bible's words remain on ignorant lips every moment of every day across the world.

Eleven of the most popular Biblical phrases morphed since 1611 into the world's vocab are:

  1. From time to time - Ezekiel 4:10
  2. The root of the matter - Job 19:28
  3. As a lamb to the slaughter - Isaiah 53:7
  4. A thorn in the flesh - 2 Corinthians 12:7
  5. East of Eden - Genesis 4:16
  6. Go the extra mile - Matthew 5:41
  7. The skin of my teeth - Job 19:20
  8. How the mighty are fallen - 2 Samuel 1:19
  9. Turned the world upside down - Acts 17:6
  10. To everything there is a season - Ecclesiastes 3:1
  11. Be sure your sins will find you out - Numbers 33:23

Many refuse to pass a Bible through their hands, but still pass it through their lips.

God's Word is discharged from lives daily, but paradoxically still lives with those dismissive of it.

God's Word outlasts all naysayers, it will never surrender to mans' words for:

the word of the Lord stands forever. (1 Peter 1:25a)

The permanent can never be replaced with the fleeting; the wise know to not even try.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The depths of faith are only entered after the shallows have been waded through." ~ Michael Cartwright

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# Quoted from an article he wrote and published by National Geographic Magazine in December 2011 ~ The King James Bible: Making a Masterpiece