12 Days of Christmas

Soul Snack 243/13 ... 12 Days of Christmas

2000 years ago a birth reconfigured all history. A shaft of light descended intersecting the story of all mankind.

This birth was more loving than words can tell. It was destined to become more torturous than even nails can promise.

This babe shan't ever be forgotten, for truly God is now with man.

ENJOY these twelve brief reflections upon the divine gifts Jesus' birth has blessed to all those willing to receive.

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Does history fascinate you? ENJOY the story behind the 12 days of Christmas

Today's Soul Snippet:

"To all who would fall at Jesus' feet, He will touch them, comfort them and then raise them up.." #

#Michael Cartwright, GREAT MERCY ~ (Bloomington IN, WestBow Press, 2013), 90

Give the gift of an energised faith with these modern Christian parables this Christmas...

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