15th Birthday Celebrations

With a faith smaller than a mustard seed the good Lord led me to do the impossible.

Is not that what being a Christian is all about, stepping out of the boat without any visible means of support?

The above SoulSupply quote was and is now still built upon.

SoulSupply was unknown and unseen by anyone - that's right, it was smaller than a mustard seed. But, now it has traveled to every continent around the globe, and only the Lord knows how many tongues it has reached, or how many people SoulSnacks have been forwarded to.

The tiny seed has become a tree of some height and girth, forming a shadow that many around the world can recline in, should their day/s becomes too heated.

So as usual SoulSupply celebrates with some brief changes, and this year even a new secure website

TO WEEKLY SUBSCRIBERS A CHANGE TO YOUR SOULSNACKS for week beginning Monday July 12 that all readers may be included in this celebration:

  • Weekly subscribers will receive 3 SoulSnacks, only for this week. Then all subscriptions revert to normal practise.
  • The usual SoulSnacks also look a bit different for our celebrations, each day this coming week they will be collations of some of SoulSupply's most popular quotes.

Please also check out the NEW, SIMPLER, FRESH and BRIGHT website just launched on SoulSupply.com. This is now SoulSupply's third website, as we keep pace with the new technologies. Please note the new site too carries an SSL certificate. This makes SoulSupply.com even safer for all of us.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and, in short, it's the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems. 

There are now 5000 pages on the new website, with much more to come. This is how far the SoulSupply tree has grown. Its influence is wide.

SoulSnacks coming up next week are:

  • 15 Top SoulSupply quotes from the last 15 years ~ Part A
  • 15 Top SoulSupply quotes from the last 15 years ~ Part B
  • 15 Top SoulSupply quotes from the last 15 years ~ Part C.

A BIG THANK YOU too to you who give SoulSupply the human reason for life.

ENJOY this old SoulSnippet as a sample of the week to come:

"The people who are strongest in their faith are longest on their knees. And, they wear their callouses unseen."

God bless,