2019 Brief Changes

Pleasantly I sit under a slowly whirring ceiling fan, and ponder.

While Sydney swelters, far more of you endure mid-winter chills - you even may live in -38,while my musings wander in +38. Such is the vastness of this planet, the power of our Lord's creative words.

Each new year becomes a default leap of faith, for it is impossible to choose to remain in yesterday. So, a brief change is again here.

With the new year now here SoulSupply will only send weekly SoulSnacks until February 5th when the normal workday SoulSnacks will resume.

Missions work is yet again on my mind as I have picked up another biography of Hudson Taylor, both my spiritual hero and my name sake. It is on my heart to pursue this theme through January.

SoulSnacks coming this month:

Both Studd and Fraser were also part of Hudson Taylor's China Inland Mission (today, renamed as Overseas Missionary Fellowship) 

I have found that Christian inspiration is equally active and powerful for those longer in Christ as it is for those who are but babes in His arms.

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Please check out soulsupply.com over the coming weeks, with almost 3000 pages on-line, there is much Christian encouragement there.

Let's each stand firm and go ever deeper with our good Lord in 2019.