3 Struggles & 1 Win#

Fiery stones pave a Christian's path; thorns stalk through the cracks.

The devil is dressed in a dinner suit and mingles in our midst.

Three struggles test the disciple's mettle each day:

  • there is always a harder righteousness to choose for,
  • the struggle is spiritual, not merely against a man's flesh and blood and
  • we must travel as foreigners, unwelcome aliens upon a pilgrimage to Home.

Righteousness promises peace yet life's wars are guaranteed.

The wrestle's fuel is hardship pumped from satan's reservoirs by his wicked powers and principalities; the evil one seeks to tear the Christian from his future Home.

Be not alarmed that satan sows tares among the wheat of Christ. ~ John Wesley

Panic need never rise in the Christian, distress need not cloud the days.

Wesley and the Psalmist won, so too the pilgrim in the daily wrestle for when -

this heart trusts in the Lord I am helped. (Psalm 29:7b)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"When treasure owns my heart - I don't."

#Today's image captures two Mongolian wrestlers in combat. Kindly supplied by a subscriber.

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