4 More Soft Pillows for a Sad Soul#

Sadness is clear proof that your soul is still alive. ~ anon

Sadness can be a cruel taskmaster. The sad person wanders within, sculpting their tears. They seek an unknown liniment to the soul, a soothing not available around them.

Sad souls lumber through life walking in the shadow of the day. Familiar too with such suffering Jesus understands this, and so reaches out...

  • Jesus defends a tear-filled immoral lady who drenches His feet, then dries them with her hair. - Luke 7:36-50
  • Jesus defends a similar immoral woman about to be stoned to death. He knows those raising the stones hold no more righteousness than their target. - John 8:1-11

Jesus is still touched by sinners. He is not tormented by them.

To those who this world also targets with its stones, rest upon these gentle words from the kindest King:

1.You are accepted/secure & belong ~ 1 Corinthians 6:20, Philippians 3:20, Romans 8:35-39
2. You are chosen & significant, regardless how you feel or what has been repeatedly spoken to you ... this is fact! ~ John 15:16
3.You are the product of  My very careful and deliberate good workmanship ~ Psalm 139
4. You are a new creation. Your past no longer belongs in your future ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17  

Remember God measures your heart, not your history. ~ Dr. Stuart Quarmby     

Today's Soul Snippet:

Faith is the seed of peace.

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