6 Life-Robbing Regrets

Regrets - I've had a few, crooned Frank Sinatra in his 1969 hit tune "I Did It My Way".

No soul has kicked over life's traces or shuffled through earth's dust without a searing regret or two.

Haunting too many decades now are painful recollections. These memories fail to beam light; I usually shudder at their presence. I have injured myself greatly, yet others far more. But now, finally - they serve to my benefit.

I regret that:

  • I didn't listen more and speak less
  • I didn't love more and moan less
  • I didn't pray more and sin less
  • I didn't trust the Lord more and borrow money less - 'because He has withheld no good from me' (Hmm ... a fool is easily separated from his money.)
  • I had to suffer much before I could learn a little
  • and in an unwitting support of Frank Sinatra, I proudly thought I was the one who could best organise my life.

When the soul has been sobered, blasted by the sands of wilfulness, yet also polished by the winds of the Holy Spirit - regrets can serve a noble goal; they become the promise and path for a better future.

he who has suffered in the body is done with sin. (I Peter 4:1b)

In casting my eyes over my shoulder I now humbly concede that my future is only bettered by not repeating my past. No longer do I imagine that my indulgent attempts at life can create a better life than Jesus has for me when I choose His way.

After all, who is more likely to harm my life - me or Jesus?

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The activism at church contributes precious little to the vitality of the soul." ~ Michael Cartwright

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