6 Wild Waves

The gravity of Christian faith upon planet earth is only beaten by the glory that awaits the Christian in Heaven. 

It remains no mean feat to walk with Jesus all the days of this carnal life.

Six wild waves for the serious faith surfer to ride:

  1. Jesus is life's compass alone
  2. Christianity is completely counter-cultural, believe in Jesus to your earthly peril
  3. I would rather meet Jesus in His lounge-room than His court-room ~ Michael Cartwright
  4. The Bible is food for every day - not just sweets for the sour days ~ anon
  5. The crucifix is the model of Christian living, an empty cross cannot suffice ~ Michael Cartwright
  6. It ill becomes a servant to seek to be rich and great and honoured in that world where his Lord was poor & mean & despised. ~ George Mueller

Faith that steadfastly endures the temporary wild weather of earth will enjoy the peaceful waters of heaven forever.

Surely the righteous man will never be shaken; they will be remembered for ever. (Psalm 112:6)

The might of the righteous one is not broken, for righteousness endures forever.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Modesty is the badge of wisdom. ~ Matthew Henry

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