7 Words That Will Change Your Life

The teachings of the pleasures of this world far outweigh any eternal reality.

The call to separation few hear, and even fewer understand.

But, separation carries its own rewards, both today and forever.

It is simple to be as all mankind, it is immensely difficult not to.

Peer pressure can rule the pulpit as much as it rules the preacher's pupil. This is not new.

Separation was by far the largest failing of the Israelite's. Their desire to be as the other nations, Israel did not deny.

Please come and dwell with me Lord.

God delights in all those seeking holiness and purity, these are unlike their fellow man.

Those who flee defilement are where separation rules, for the Lord has made Himself known to them.

Those who choose to 'sit apart' from this world create 'the space' that allows the Lord to move in.

O come and dwell in me,
Spirit of power within,
and bring the glorious liberty
from sorrow, fear, and sin. (Charles Wesley - 1762)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'When Jesus takes your hand He is giving you life.'