A Cheap Christ?

Soul Snack 12/14

... 600 years ago The Reformation liberated Christ from the crucifix.

An empty cross appropriately bellowed Jesus' resurrection, but also no longer witnessed to a disciple's self-crucifixion.

For some years I have been on a 'crusade' to rescue the Christ of the Cross from the higher hallowed halls of comfortable hollow learning.

An empty crucifix has led to an empty heart and a too convenient faith. Now the terrible sight of torture lost, and the claims of self-denial lay dormant.

The vision of a pierced man bleeding for my sins has been blinded since Christ has been removed from the Cross.

Surely we need a fresh recapturing of the brutal loss of Jesus, soberly tempered by His ruthless love?

There remains tender eyes of grace that still love us when we constantly fail (as I do) BUT also tear-filled eyes when we ignore the cost He paid.

The crucifix is the model of Christian living, an empty cross cannot suffice.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"A cheap Christianity without a cross will prove in the end a useless Christianity, without a crown." ~  J.C.Ryle

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