A Corvette Parable ~ Part B#

#This pristine '53 Polo White Chevy Corvette now changes down a gear and slips ahead of you. No longer is it content to run parallel, simply beside you in the next lane. The Corvette is issuing an invitation to follow. You squeeze the gas pedal but little happens, your asthmatic VW Bug is as weary as its age is high. In a mere heartbeat the Corvette could disappear over the horizon - but it doesn't. It simply slides just ahead into your lane, with no intention at all to leave you behind; it only strives to lead you forward.

Your Bug is very weak but still willing, its intentions are strong. You press the accelerator pedal ever harder - this time to the floorboards, making the smallest of gains towards the Corvette's tail-lights. (The engine volume does not indicate its progress). The 'Vette's sleek lines remain clear to you, for it will never lose you; always wanting to guide your way. You have not caught the Corvette but suddenly you realise how much new ground you have travelled in its pursuit, even gaining upon it.

The meaning:

Righteousness is to be chased with all energy, for it is never a laurel to rest upon but always the lane stay within. You cannot gain so much speed, a multiplying of spiritual momentum (purity/devotion/competence at living righteously) that you no longer need to pursue the Lord and His holiness every minute of every day.

"In righteousness you will be established..." (Isaiah 54:14a) & "...pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness". (1 Timothy 6:11b)

Soul Snippet:

"The sign of Christianity is not a cross but a tongue of fire." ~ Samuel Chadwick

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# This is the 2nd White Corvette Parable and is sequential. Please click the link to read Part A.