A Flash of Stolen Genius

New years are captured by the will to re-build, that heart to improve.

It is too tiring, year in - year out; stumbling upon the same old stones, skinning the knees in the same old falls, and shinning the calves on those ever unseen logs. 

In a flash of some stolen genius I reasoned:

I do not wish to continue what I have been doing, then I won't continue what I have been getting.

God is fully dedicated to me being new. This is why Jesus died for me. Thus He guides me, blesses me, and teaches me. It is also why He invites me into His presence; to re-new me.

God's renewals are sure as I walk His paths. 

I will now:

  1. begin each day as I want to live it - with Jesus!!
  2. rise when Jesus wakes me. He wants to talk to me. 
  3. quiet myself in His presence.
  4. be trained by the Lord and not me.
  5. become an instrument of peace. 
  6. avoid the seat of mockers and pass the tables of wicked men.
  7. 'carry the torch' for God's good defense, in this world that so easily blames Him.
  8. seek to be an influencer of grace and no longer a fault-finder. This is an aroma for Jesus, a very pleasant scent to my fellow man. 

"... what counts is a NEW creation." (Galatians 6:16b)

Surely, no longer will those old stony paths hurt me again?

Live for a fresh tomorrow, not from a stale yesterday.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Christ did not die to purchase this world for us'. ~ Thomas Adams

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