A Permanent Presence in My Changing World

With an undeniable guarantee - life refuses the heart.

Upheavals are the flavor of living across the globe.

My world too flows in a persistent flux. This reliably provides an unwelcome range of present discomforts.

I need a world that is a predictable place. HMM ... don't we all?

Gazing through my study window I see a pale yellow two meter ColorBond fence (only four meters away). Paradoxically it spoils my view because of its closeness, but smiles on my soul. You see, yellow is my color of peace and cheerfulness, as much as a fence is a protective barrier.

Yellow has been my still point of life, well before I can remember. I have changed throughout life nearly 180 degrees (the Holy Spirit has done much unpaid overtime on me), but I still delight in yellow, even more so now at 60 than 6.

This constant point is a MUST, a foothold for my soul as much as my eyes.

Also I find beside my ageing chair each morning (whether the day begins in the cold dark or the sun already shines warm) my very well thumbed Bible of stability. Its gold leaf is now only a residue. My favorite pages so brown I have been accused of spilling weak coffee over them.

Yellow pleases my eyes greatly, but God's Word that fires up each day is my ever present anchor for body, mind and spirit.

In the never complete patchwork of life, this permanent presence, its calm and well-spoken guidance is my most favorite patch.

You, O Lord, have helped me and comforted me... (Psalm 86:17c) and cast my heart to heaven.

The Bible's soul-capturing steadfastness first soothes me best, and then sets my sights on Glory.#

Today's Soul Snippet:

“The Bible was not given for our information but for our transformation.” ~ D.L Moody

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#Inspired by Judith Lynch in A Still Point in My Changing World