A Small I.T. Alert

To all SoulSnack subscribers,

As you are no doubt aware on this technology dependent planet, we each are daily exposed to technology's ills as well as the great health it too provides.

Currently SoulSupply is experiencing subscribers becoming randomly unsubscribed from the database, this is an IT malfunction as yet to to be resolved.

For this I sincerely apologise and can assure you that every measure is under exploration to ensure the fault does not continue.

I have had various requests from those unfortunately unsubscribed to be resubscribed, but I am unable to perform this function because of blocks on the database due to spam legislation.

If you are accidentally unsubscribed I can resubscribe you on a different email address, simply via an email request to geoff@soulsupply.com. Alternately you are able to resubscribe on the original email address through the soulsupply.com website link - SUBSCRIPTIONS.

Please keep an eye out too for further security measures being added to soulsupply.com. You will be advised of this and other upgrades as they occur.

If you have encountered other flaws with your SoulSnack's delivery please email the problem to me directly at the above address, that these can too be resolved.

Again I sincerely apologise for this technical problem.

May blessings pour across each you as you seek to grow in our Lord. Thank you that SoulSupply may be a part of this too.