A Strange Thing

Soul Snack 81/14 ... It is a distinctive life that hungers and thirsts for the Lord. To seek Him with all the heart and mind and strength at life's expense is considered a most strange thing.

Hungering for the Lord maps the avenue for a quizzical glance, or an awkward silence. It invites ill-belief, accusation and even criticism. Spiritual thirst is considered weird to those who have hearts trained in greed, both the shallow believer and pagan alike.

For those disciples who would overturn the pleasures of the world this strange thing becomes  yeast for misunderstanding and isolation.

They think it strange that you do not join them in their reckless, wild living, and they heap abuse on you.  (1 Peter 4:4)

As Christ sets the believer apart from the world's corruptions, it returns fire and attempts to draw the believer back; worse still it attempts to tear them apart. (Believer is often set against believer.)

Those who would mock the devoted live for a short while upon a false ground.

Fervent seeking of the Lord is soundly seeded in suffering, for he who has suffered is done with sin. It requires constant earnest prayer, spiritual self-audits, significant inner strength, defiant courage and a rare faith.

May the Holy Spirit of Truth quicken these words to your spirit and soul as He sees fit.

Today's Soul Snippet:

When the Lord is filling the thoughts, He is also filling the heart.

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