A Sweet or Two for the Soul

As a body craves for sugar, so too the soul for that sweetness of understanding:

  1. Every morning the Lord's rich mercies are deeper than the oceans and wider than the skies.
  2. Stand strong for each day the Lord still pours abundant love.
  3. In obscurity peace is met and stillness arrives; striving ceases and devotion begins.
  4. Foolishness does not interrupt God's kindness for He still gives without finding fault.
  5. Take care, for it is in the times of sadness the soul steps out its front door of faith, and in the now fading light of wisdom warmly greets the brazen face of sin.
  6. When mercy and love replace religion - the innocent are not condemned, sinners are called to Jesus, the guilty are forgiven and... God is very well pleased.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'If the mouth be bad, the mind is not good'. ~ Thomas Brooks

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