A Twisted Trust

Do Christians hold a twisted trust? Our habits mimic Babylon while paradoxically our face is set to Jerusalem.

BUT - the world's trust is even more tortured. It boldly preaches on its banknotes In God We Trust and then silences His word in courts, schools, public forums and even in churches..

If at all God's word is valued, it is far too lightly.

Few and far between (sadly among believers and the world alike) are those who would echo Heaven and agree:

...what is highly valued among men is detestable in God's sight. (Luke 16:15c)

God values His words, that is why He offered them to man.

All men would be forever wise to reciprocate.

One human indicator of trustworthiness is longevity. A most attractive assurance is promised to consumers when products are supported by long warranties.

Consider the confident trust God holds in His words, the warranty He adds to them:

The same word that created the universe, fed the Israelites in the desert, guided Moses to Canaan, gave victory to Joshua, sealed lions' mouths for Daniel, strengthened Jeremiah, chased Jonah, called beached disciples, converted a murderous Paul, spoke to John on Patmos is the same eternal word that has entered your name already in His Book of Life.

Better to sit with God's abiding Word today than with any fleeting distraction that must die tomorrow.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Patience is the mother of rest. It is a perfume wafting across harmony.

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