A Twitter #CHRISTMAS Hint

Just four days now until Santa gets stuck in the chimney, the elves lay down their tools and the reindeers stand again upon terra firma, for Christmas is so close.
Here's a hint, currently trending (December 19th, 2015) on Twitter:
- #StarWars ... 1.28 million tweets
- #Chelsea ... 748000 tweets
- #JetBlackHeartMusicVideo ... 505000 tweets (WHY??????????)
- #Christmas ... 187000 tweets
Music, Mourinho (Chelsea's sacked coach) and a movie create so much more interest than the only Messiah this world will ever have.
There will always be (until Jesus returns) more movies, more sacked coaches and more obscure (well it was) music to celebrate, but there are no more Messiahs.

Of course the trends on Twitter constantly change but could this Twitter snapshot reflect the hearts of man abandoned to himself, not understanding they have turned their back to the Prince of Peace?

The false, the cheap and the fleeting is valued, while the true, the expensive and the eternal continues ignored.

"... a people without understanding will come to ruin." (Hosea 4:15b)

Eternal life holds at best discount vouchers in the souls of men, yet three decades after Bethlehem's manger the expense of Christmas was peeled-back as highest cost ever paid for a soul.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Christmas means that the light OF the world is now the light IN the world!

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