A WeightWatcher's 'Waste'

Soul Snack 124/14 ... Awaken Your Incredible was the bellowing headline as I extracted a colorful A5 WeightWatcher's sales-pitch from my mail pile. My mind raced (very briefly for it tires quickly,) where had they seen me, how did they know I was not yet incredible, maybe they had spoken to my wife, NO - surely they had chatted with my children, I concluded with sadness?

Be healthy, be strong, be incredible... WeightWatchers unashamedly guaranteed me. They saw me as a poor person in need of their help, the pamphlet taught me that already:

  • I was less acceptable as I am
  • I was lacking in health
  • I was weaker than I should/could be
  • I was mundane (OUCH!) and
  • I could do something about this paucity of me, but I did NEED their help.

WeightWatchers promised me a personal nirvana, I would become an Adonis of the Antipodes, if only I would employ them.

While their wild assumptions may be true (I am not bold enough to comment further upon myself), who is there that desires change, who will seek the changes Heaven freely offers to make? The gain Heaven offers cost God an unknowable expense, but He still charges no fee.

Who will exercise spiritual discipline ahead of physical discipline?

Who will see that God does not look upon us as poor customers so that we can employ Him for His profit?

God made man good; He still sees good in man and still recreates good in man.

We don't need a man-made makeover, but simply a return to what He has made us all to be.

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.  (1 Timothy 4:8)

Here is the easiest and cheapest of self-improvement daily exercises, it only involves one knee-bend:

Father, free me from who I am, to be who you want me to be. Amen


My waist had been spied by WeightWatchers (how did they find out?), but have they too seen the brochure now in my waste?

Today's Soul Snack:

"God answers knee-mail." ~ anonymous

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