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SoulSnacks over the next three days are the products of an ongoing discussion with a subscriber. These Snacks are very largely their thoughts that SoulSupply considered of some real spiritual merit to share. Each Snack touches upon guilt and grace and shame in some manner. They are:

  • Of Guilt 101
  • Of Guilt & Pulpits
  • Are God's Greatest Tears for the Terrorist or the Victim?

Guilt collides with Grace. The Lord teaches each of us that in the end times itching ears will be able to hear what they want. So is guilt now diluted in the interests of modern man's aversion to self-denial and consequent comfort of sin?

For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather round them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. (2 Timothy 4:3)

There is far too much dressed-up and soft-sell faith in modern Christendom where itching ears are massaged. Righteousness is now rarely taught, and pulpits with an equal rarity challenge sin.

The Lord's bride is dressed in the familiar bikinis and board shorts of an Hawaiian beachfront. This should not be, for she has become as unrecognisable as the sin she hides.

The subject of guilt continues to rise like the phoenix, for we live in evil times. Sin only multiplies and creeps disguised into the Christian church. Is guilt still a correct response to sin? How we can recognise sin so well masked?

Some hidden sin very securely within the Christian church:

  • Grace has now become license to sin, for God knows my sinfulness and will endure it - not judge it.
  • the Tree of Knowledge is worshipped,
  • the abundance of knowledge is counterfeited as divine wisdom and 
  • prosperity multiplies greed, ignoring the subjugation of the flesh and a heart sent ahead to heaven. 

Where prosperity theology, grace fueled permission to sin and the false honor of knowledge exists side by side there can be no Christian spiritual ambition. It is smothered.

The three following SoulSnacks this week all address (largely through the eyes of a Godly subscriber) the place of grace and guilt in a Christian's life.

Itching ears seek tolerance of sin with the resultant divine warrant to ignore God's call for righteousness, so these questions must be asked:

  • what true place does guilt have in a believer's life, for no Christian leaves earth carrying guilt?
  • is it only itching ears that wish to remove guilt from the modern altar of responsibility for decisions and actions?
  • Is there any place for guilt at all in the redeemed life? What do you think? PLEASE - click here.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"When a Christian defends sin he betrays his distance from God's throne." ~ Michael Cartwright

ENJOY - From Shame to Shepherd

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