Adam's Ache

Soul Snack 92/14 ... Adam's disobedient reach to the apple would bear far more than belly pain.

Adam enjoyed only TWO, YEP that's right - just TWO rules for life in Eden:

  • Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground (Genesis 1:28b)
  • You must not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 2:17)

He broke the second almost immediately, choosing fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Since Eden the competition between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge continues unseen and unabated.

The Tree of Knowledge usurps the Tree of Life; it claims to be a superior substitute. This it did first in Eden when satan deceitfully promised the best life available from its fruit alone.

The very first fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was deception. (The second fruit it bore was shame and the third fruit was blame.) The fruits from this tree are still consumed with inexpressible gluttony today across the world, and sadly within Christ's bride as well - His church.

The Tree of Knowledge still blind-sides God's people - it invites their eating, massages their spirituality, confirms their pride and dumbs their faith. This exists worldwide across Christian pulpits, Bible Studies, and especially Christian academia. The Tree of Knowledge is eminently successful at hiding faith.

The Tree of Knowledge paves the path for the Christian to walk on. It is called The Accumulation of Knowledge. But the Tree of Life paves the path travelled called Faith Alone.

To contemporary evangelical Christendom knowledge is equated to faith, but they are separated by 180 degrees.

The Tree of Knowledge has deceived Christendom into becoming winter-Christians hibernating faith, domesticating service, and then permitting them to a satisfied sleep on the job.

Yet God has not changed, His rule is not suspended - You still must not eat of The Tree of Knowledge, for this became Adam's life and soul destroying ache.

Unlike Adam choose to eat from only The Tree of Life, and not share in his pain.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"When we cannot work for God, we must sit quietly with Him." ~ anon

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The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil has educated the world