Bird Wisdom

Soul Snack 55/14 ... As I wrote this morning, a little bird hopped through the door. Afraid that it would come in too far and get in trouble it came to understand its misstep, I whispered “hey, you don’t want to be in here”. With one hop, my little friend left. #

A curious bird listened wisely to this voice of kindness.

Many a bird and many more men have been led to their prey through curiosity.

Curiosity is the glance of a wandering eye, the evidence of an enquiring mind, or an expression of a discontented heart.

Proverbs warns of the curious youth (see Proverbs 7) and his ill-considered twilight dalliance to the street corner.

As the day cooled, a woman's desire warmed. An immoral wife approached him with sweet words; she ushered him forward to her bedroom. The invitation loaded his lap with burning coals, and cast his soul to damnation. Adultery became his step, and hellfire quickly reigned in his soul.

The curiosity of the unknown or the seeking of fresh adventure has led to many a soul's wreckage. It is the foolish and the ignorant who attempt to sail across the storm weathered reefs of sin.

As with the small feathered creature in the doorway, listen to the soft words (of the Holy Spirit) - fear the trouble of sin ahead. Take caution with sin. This is not found at the street corner or in the doorway, but in hopping away from it, placing the opportunity behind your back.

The struggle with sin is war, but to lose hurts far more than to fight.

Be thou therefore ready for the conflict, if thou wilt have the victory. (The Imitation of Christ, iii. 19.)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Love holds truths and learning that classrooms can never teach.

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#Reproduced with gracious permission from Paul Horton

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