The Ultimate Chart for Life?

Persistent passions plague/wash/enhance/..... (insert your chosen description) all lives. Sometimes they control us, but almost always they help us navigate each day. These passion deliver smiles to our face and care to our soul. 

SoulSupply has always been grounded upon one particular passion - for this builds faith. 

SoulSupply's origins, days and future are charted upon its favorite truth:

WE MUST REMEMBER THIS... it breeds faith, holds truth, implants hope and sows peace - especially to the troubled soul.

Repetition is at the heart memory, as doing is to the mind that learns.

Recall it, blu-tack it to the fridge door, tattoo it on your forehead and padlock it within your heart. For it is the strength to step out of the boat without any visible means of support.

Then Jesus touched their eyes and said, ‘According to your faith let it be done to you’ (Matthew 9:29)

Faith is living in light of what God has said, resting in what He has done, and entrusting the future to His care”. ~ Paul Tripp

Today's Soul Snippet:

"May there be nothing that commends me to men than you in me Lord."

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