Christmas Pioneers

Pioneers are the yeast of a better tomorrow.

They are the brave and diligent explorers of improvement. 

History's annals record pioneers with great affection. Clue filled scratchings on gnarled tree trunks, or tattered hand-written diaries are food for an historian's soul. 

He (King Herod) sent them (the Magi) to Bethlehem and said, 'go and make a careful search for the child (Jesus)' (Matthew 2:8a)

Five pioneers are in this verse. The first pioneer is a malevolent king Herod vicariously searching for another king. The second pioneer is The King descending to seek the lost of Israel. The first searches in hatred, the second is sleeping in a manger unawares - the pioneer of salvation. Unnamed pioneers (maybe three of them) even from another nation would spend up to two years in the search for Jesus.

From a fearful hatred Herod exercises due diligence in searching for this baby king.

Even Jesus' enemies were smart enough to search carefully for Jesus.

Yet conspicuously, Jesus' own people are observed by their dis-interest and even rejection. Christmas pioneers from Israel were almost non-existent.

Today still calls loudly for Christmas pioneers, people who will search for The King Jesus above the indulgent overspending and the revelries that paradoxically even deny the reason for their existence.

Today's Christmas pioneers:

  • will place His presence above their presents and
  • will search for Jesus in the humble places.

Would you be a sixth seeker for Heaven's child in a manger this Christmas?

Pioneers aren't perfect but they are persistent, this is what makes them pioneers.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Man is saved by faith alone, not by faith that is alone." ~ Martin Luther

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