Sister Act

Soul Snack 198/13 ... Sister Act#

Too often we see a foe within when it is in fact a friend. It is enemies we seek to kill. We too easily censor our conscience while it is attempting to censure us.

Christian's have become adept lawyers, even purple cloaked Pharisees in our self-justification of sin.

It is painful to learn and then own our sins at first, because we have become skilled self-defense solicitors.

It is only after much practice and humbling of self, that we discover our consciences have come alive in a whole new way, and are a huge help in learning how to live truthfully.

hold on to faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and so have suffered shipwreck with regard to the faith (1 Tim 1:19)

No-one with a seared conscience can live with truth.

No-one with a healthy conscience can live with sin.


#Today's SoulSnack was kindly shared by Sister Diadema from The Evangelical Sisters of Mary. This SoulSnack is sister to A Storm Inside the Head

Today's Soul Snippet:

"True poverty is the possession of nothing that would cause a pang to give away." ~ James Hannay

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