When is the Search for God Useful?

'All things in life can wait, but the search God cannot'. ~ George Harrison on his deathbed.

Since expulsion from Eden mankind has conducted a frail quest for God, although an understanding of Him is in all of us.

Men have climbed mountains to begin and end this grand adventure.

They have trudged through many various, painful and even dangerous rituals. And also deliberately engaged temptation in their quest.

Men have practised asceticism, stoicism and privation. They have dwelt in caves and formed Monastries.

Mankind has written much and studied even more. 

To what avail has this search for God been useful? For all he could manage is to create god in his own image.

The carnal sows to the carnal, the physical to the physical. Men cannot see the spiritual.

Since the close of the Dark Ages, the unspoken belief has been that God is found through study. But man has still failed to find Him. And, as always, God confounds the knowledgeable and dismisses the proud.

God's knowledge is not gleaned through study. I do not enter relationships with another through pouring over books about them (or even gazing at their photos).

True knowledge of God (i.e. relationship) is found through another ‘s' word, stillness!

When I stop, it is then that I can get to know another. No relationship can grow without deliberately invested time.

No wonder the enemy conspires to keep me busy.

My devotions, service and even church attendance are all hindered through my busyness, and I can't get to know God.

Busyness and study takes me past God, stillness takes me into His presence.

... be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10a)

It is far easier to find God in a cave than a classroom, for it is in a cave I can stop alone.     

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Peace is the fruit of believing prayer.' ~ M.R. Vincent