Easter Re-thinks the 'Discipleship Box'

The resurrection of Jesus the Christ nails my mind to grasp yet again at discipleship's true nature.

People makes mistakes about Jesus - all the time. A risen Jesus spooked His disciples, they thought He was a ghost.

The disciples were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost. (Luke 24:37)

His absence had simply been a mere three days. Yet, recognition and understanding somehow elusive.

Jesus had paid the price, received bodily death, forgiven sins and received not even a friendly nod on return.

Still work existed for Him on this earth to do. Resurrection achieved, yet His rest was still to arrive.

Jesus will reveal the spiritual to the carnal.

Jesus' correctness of teaching was a people magnet (Mark 1:21-22). His call was equally commanding (Mark 1:17-18).

Yet sharp minds with dull senses require as much external assistance as dull minds without senses.

Three years of pursuing Him was insufficient. Three years of learning without understanding. In fact, they had all fled Him to a man, and with-held themselves at His point of greatest need.

They had promised Jesus their heart, yet no emboldened verbal or physical devotion can yield spiritual understanding.

No consistent, sequential service can ever deliver a cosmic clarity to earthbound minds.

I still need His intervention for my comprehension.

Then Jesus opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. (Luke 24:45)

Only the risen Jesus can bring new life to my old mind. No acts of discipleship can!

I can follow Jesus completely for three years and still not know Him after just three days away.

My abilities and activities for Him do not equip my faith (sometimes they can hinder). It is only my attention given to the risen Jesus that will.

Jesus holds the key to my mind. Unless He opens my mind no amount of diligent service or study will deliver the understanding that just one encounter with the living Jesus offers.

No man can rely upon his service of Jesus to guarantee his recognition of Jesus.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Whatever the cost of putting a thing right, it can never be more than leavng it wrong'. ~ Anon

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