Echoes of Yesterday

Half a century ago the Beatles longed for yesterday, when troubles seemed so far away.

Two and a half millennia ago the Israelites longed for freedom, to also place their troubles far way. Egypt's loathsome and brutal toil had become too much to bear.

To answer their prayer the Lord parted impossible waters.

But most quickly they disliked the hardships across the waters, in the Desert of Zin even more. The Israelites rebelled against their savior and cast their hearts backwards to Egypt, where their current troubles too would seem far away.

They had dreamt of Canaan, but only shortly.

The Israelites called their wicked toil in Egypt better than feeling Sinai's good sand between their toes.

Grumbling was Israel's habit in the desert, it was as persistent as it was faithless.

Israel could immediately look at good but call it bad.

They would murmur in their freedom, but God always hears all.

A mere three days into their rescue, bitterness was met at Marah, the place of testing. (see Exodus 15:22-27)

Bad reports and complaints became the order of Israel's new and free days.

For 450 years these recalcitrant descendants of Abraham had begged the good Lord for release from pain-filled bondage, and then they blamed God for the discomfort of their rescue.

The good Lord lifted the Israelites out of the frying pan, but all they saw were burning coals beneath it - oblivious to the safe warmth the coals radiated.

Choose carefully what you ask the Lord for. When He answers your prayer, do not blame Him for the results, nor foolishly believe that the second state has become worse than the first.

NOTE - that He had been faithful and exactly answered their prayer.

To mimic the Israelites, to bring a bad report to your faithful God, to meet bitterness and not pass it, to see giants and neglect the milk and honey, is to lose His gift.

Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is not wise to ask such questions. (Ecclesiastes 7:10)

It is in the wilderness between Egypt and Canaan you decide if you are willing to pay the cost of reaching your God given dream.

For those who bring a bad report the second state does become worse than the first.

To all those who choose to bring a good report despite outward evidence, the dream still awaits.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'There is nothing small in the service of God'. ~ Francois De Sales

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